Our Vision

Technology is increasing its impact on the sports market every day. Wearables, sensors and cameras capture an ever-growing volume of athletes' stats. Technology has added new dimensions of experience to the sports we practice. Athletes, coaches and managers are using these stats to dictate training levels, calorie intake and even fan interaction in the chase for better performance on the field and ultimate glory.

In the soccer world, personalize performance stats are currently only available for soccer pro's. We believe that the time has come for the soccer industry to have stats & glory available to the mass sports, to grassroots, to every single amateur. Personalized, minute to minute player tracking technology, with detailed stats will enable soccer players to improve their performance.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to give every young soccer player insights in their performance through personalized stats.

DashTag will give anyone a fair chance to reach their soccer goals, no matter the level of play and the ultimate goal: beating friends, getting into college or even becoming a pro!

What pro’s had yesterday, the amateurs will have today.

Where we are today

We help players achieve their goals and reach that glory with easily accessible and objective performance stats through our app and our wearable tracker. This app makes it easier to view your day-to-day performance stats on the field and share the stats with friends, coaches or scouts. The patented tracker makes all this possible, and is ready for shipping today.

Where it all started

It all started with a good idea, written down in a paper booklet and has been shaped in the last 2 years to a point where we got many people on our side that strongly believed in the idea. We love to create and build something from scratch, to create a product that adds value to people. As we said from the beginning of our journey: Get the most out of the sport you love the most. It has grown into our internal mantra and really everything we do comes down to this.

The name DashTag is chosen for its firm but edgy feeling and we’re still very proud of it. It’s the connection of the two words that make it so right for us: Dash, a high speed sprint, and Tag, a way to label a person based on his performance. Those two words are the perfect fusion which represents our company DNA. Doing things at full speed, driven by data.


At DashTag, we’re dedicated guys with a passion for sports. The fun and energy you get when doing what you love the most thrives us every single day. We love to connect and connect people. A skill which we use to build and retain a community, a soccer community. Growing DashTag is like the moment the match starts and you and your friends are focused to achieve something together. You don’t exactly know what it will bring or what’s going to happen, but you know it’s going to be good and a whole lot of fun! And like every match, a solid preparation is crucial: with a balanced strategy, great effort and a open mind, we make things happen at DashTag.

Our team

Epco Berger


Carrying his golden-idea-notebook around with him for years, in 2015, Epco followed his heart and started his unicorn company.

Dirk van den Berg


Dirk began his professional career a sports psychologist, which provided him with valuable background knowledge to help get DashTag off the ground.

Cliff de Roode


Cliff has an unbelievable imagination to create beautifully designed products, which impresses us the most. He uses this talent towards industrial design and coding apps.

Maarten van Sprang

UX design

Maarten makes the DashTag experience come to life. He makes our website and app user friendly and appealing. He knows how to reach our audience on a personal and relatable level.

Jade Heuillard


Jade is our growth marketer and gym junkie, Tech-savvy and data-driven, Jade only likes REAL French croissants

Diana Tiba

Marketing Intern

Diana combines her love for science and arts by creating online campaigns.

Manouck Veenman

Marketing US

Manouck is helping DashTag grow in the US.

Our Advisors

Jan Joost Rueb

Serial Enterpreneur | Ebuddy

“The future sports analytics will be game changing, it will turn into a multi billion dollar industry in the next few years, where DashTag plays a leading role”.

Willem Haitink

Board member | Nike, O'Neill, Tesla

“I believe in the future of technology and data in sports, the vision and passion of the founders, and the strong business plan of DashTag"