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A new way to track your progress without distracting you from the game.

The Dash

A small and sleek soccer tracker that easily snaps onto your shorts.

The App

The IOS app to have your stats available right after your session.


Improve yourself with


With the help of certified coaches and sport scientists we’ve developed 3 proven ways to gain valuable insights in your performance.


The DashStats

Our grading system shows you instantly how you performed.

See how it works

The Powerline

Your powerline indicates the amount of sprints over time. The higher the peak, the more sprints you had in a certain period of time.

More about the Powerline

The Highlights

Your 10 most insightful highlights show exactly how you performed during each session you played.

From your peak speed till your longest low activity period.

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“Now I have my personal stats right at my fingertips.”

Kim DeCesare

Professional Soccer Player | PSV | Duke Alumni

“The Dash is a great way to challenge myself daily, focusing on my high intensity speed.”

Samantha Witteman

Professional Soccer Player | PSV | Duke Alumni

“The Dash gives me the opportunity to set new goals everyday”

Eva van Deursen

Dutch national team player U20 | Arizona State Women’s soccer

“I now know my workout intensity. This also gives me valuable insight into my recovery path.”

Cassie Miller

Professional Soccer Player | PSV |

“I love to use the Dash because its statistics help me to strengthen my weaknesses and improve my abilities.”

Julia Ibes

Professional Soccer Player | Achilles '29

“It gives me insights of my individual performance instantly after a match.”

Naomi Pattiwael

Professional Soccer Player | PSV |

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